About Us


A Letter From Our Founder

IMG_0460My name is Frank Lanzone, designing and building custom pools and living spaces is my passion.

I am the owner, designer, supervisor and sometimes laborer of Open Water Pools. In a business riddled with deception I pride myself on running mine with a strict philosophy of honesty and hard work. You see this is not just a paycheck – it’s an art form – one my clients appreciate. Not only do I make real that which they have envisioned for their family’s immediate enjoyment, but also for years and years to come.

As a family man myself, I rather enjoy the thought of having played a small role in allowing for the amazing memories my clients will long cherish. I am one hundred percent accountable for my work. The high quality work I’ve done throughout my career speaks to my reputation as one of the top pool builders in the region. I focus on quality rather than quantity. Nothing is more rewarding than what I get back from my clients.

I have established life long friendships with many of my clients and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of their lives. Open Water Pools is not just a business, it’s a commitment to superb craftsmanship and honest to goodness hard work. I do not duplicate projects as I believe that each retreat should reflect it’s owner’s uniqueness. Having said this, I appreciate your attention to my website and look forward to new and exciting projects.

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What We Offer

Complete Project Design

From initial design through the completion of the pool.  Meaning every phase in between is done by us.

Full Accountability

The buck stops with us.  When we tell you we will do something you can count on us.  We are responsible for the entire project.

Overall Satisfaction

Our absolute end goal is your complete satisfaction.  In fact we aim to exceed your expectations.