How to Build an Austin Inground Pool That Fits Your Backyard

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So you have finally decided to get a pool but are still at a loss on where to start. No worries! Our team at Open Water Pools is here to give you all the pointers on the best pool that fits your needs and your backyard. Choosing the right layout for your home can be a difficult and tedious process, but luckily your passionate Austin pool builders are here to lend a hand.

Important Questions to Ask Before Designing Your Pool in Austin

Before making the big plunge into designing the structure of your pool there are a few vital questions to ask yourself, specifically how are you going to use your pool? Do you plan on doing laps or will the pool just be for recreational use? What about the size? Do you want a pool that will take up most of your yard? How many kids do you have or perhaps how many people are you planning to entertain at pool gatherings? These are just a few of the questions to consider when planning the blueprints of your pool. It’s essential to consider the architecture of your home as well because it’s technically considered the framework of your swimming pool. You want to make sure you design each structure to compliment the other.

Pools in All Shapes and Sizes

There are multiple types of styles to choose from when designing your pool. Depending on how you’re looking to use it, you can pick from a rectangular, kidney shaped, free-form, figure-8, or L-shaped pool. Rectangular and L-shaped pools are great for laps and give kids enough room to enjoy games in the water. If you’re looking to add a spa to your pool, kidney shape is ideal and looks very natural. A figure-8 pool is good for families as well because there is a clear distinction between deep and shallow areas. If a house already has a lot of landscaping like trees and shrubs it may be better to customize your own free-form pool to encompass your vision of your home’s backyard.

Our team at Open Water Pools also specializes in customizing square, hillside, elevated, zero entry, rock grotto, free-form, and integrated baby pools. We also offer customers customizable features such as pool windows, sheer descent water, multi-tiered waterfalls, lazy rivers, and spas. Once you’ve chosen a shape you can add one of these breathtaking structures to make the pool your own.

Landscaping and Designing with Your Pool

One thing people typically forget is that your new pool will become a part of your yard’s landscape. It’s great to take a good look at your own backyard and have a thorough understanding of its dimensions, size, and essence before proceeding with contracting.

Finding a Reliable Contractor

As always, when investing in a huge asset to your home you should find a contractor who is reliable and honest. Find a company who is willing to work with you and your budget to get your backyard dreams the way you want it. That is where Open Water Pools comes in for assistance. Our company is passionate about people and wants to help you on your pool voyage. Call us today for a free quote!

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