#1 Cedar Park Pool Builder

If you are looking for a high-quality pool builder in Cedar Park, we can help. Here at Open Water Pools & Spas, we have been building pools for many years and we would be happy to build your pool. When someone asks us to build a pool in the Cedar park home we ensure they only receive the best. We think it’s important that your new pool is something to be proud of.

Measuring Up

swimming poolOnce you have asked us to build your new pool we will agree on a time and date to meet up. We will come to your home at the agreed time and take some measurements. We’ll need to know how wide, long, and deep your new pool is going to be. We’ll also need to take the shape of your garden into consideration. This is so we ensure we only ever build a pool that is completely safe to use.

Please remember, you will need to have enough room for all of the pool equipment. This is why we will need to come to your home and measure up. We want to make sure that we do the job properly so you can enjoy using your pool for many years to come.

Working with your Garden/Yard

pool buildersWe can work with the shape of your garden/yard to ensure that you get the very best pool for your money. We know that your garden/yard could be a funny shape, we know it could be on the top of a hill or halfway down a hill. We know that everyone has a different sized bit of land on which to build a pool. We will work with the area to ensure your pool is the right size and shape for your property. This ensures you’re much more likely to enjoy using it for many years to come.

Offering you More

We offer you more than many pool builders in and around Cedar Park and we’re proud of this. Did you know that we will not charge you anything until 60% of your pool is completed? We work this way because we know you want your pool finished on time. We also work this way because we want you to be happy with the process.

Once we start building your pool we will do so with all of your needs in mind. We will work using the plans that we have agreed on and we’ll keep you up to date every step of the way. You do not have to be at home when we build your pool. However, we may need to speak with you from time to time about our progress. Don’t worry, we’re a very friendly team who are proud to be here for you.

Upgrading your Pool

If you already have a pool in your garden, the good news is we can upgrade it should you wish us to. Perhaps you’ve just moved into the property and you’d like us to make the pool more modern. Perhaps you’d like us to breathe a bit of life into an old pool that’s looking a little worse for wear. We can do all of the above and more.

Here at Open Water Pools & Spas, we can work with your current pool and turn it into something beautiful. Please feel free to contact us about your old pool, we’re here to make it beautiful again.

Adding a few Extras

Some of our customers only wish us to build a pool, others would like us to add a few extras. We can build a waterfall, a spa, and many other pool-related features should you wish us to. We can help you to have a pool that you love.

Please don’t be afraid to talk to us about the extras that we offer. We can help you have a pool that will be fun to use for many years. We will need to take a few more measurements in your Cedar Park garden to ensure your new pool and its features have enough space.

Request a Free Pool Design Estimate

Request a Free EstimateIf you would love nothing more than to have a pool in your Cedar Park garden or yard please contact us. We are happy to offer you a free estimate. We will come to your home at an agreed time and take some measurements. We can also talk with you about the types of pools we offer and we can work with the shape of your garden.

We like to think we know more than a thing or two about pools, so please contact us today for a free estimate.

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