Open Water Pools Builds Custom Pools And Spas

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Georgetown, Texas– The scorching sun can be very hostile at times, particularly during summer. Lots of people are trying to get through the oppressing heat by enjoying the cold pools of water. Sometimes, people are just seeking for a tranquil place where they can enjoy the water without dealing with crowds in public pools. Understanding this dilemma, Open Water Pools aims to design and build custom pools right in one’s backyard. Anyone can now enjoy a cozy time in the waters from the comfort of their home.

For over 37 years, Open Water Pools had rendered its service to the Austin community with exceptional works and extreme dedication. Frank Lanzone, the owner, founder, and designer of Open Water Pools states, “I find contentment knowing that I am able to play even a small role in my client’s cherished memories. As such, I take absolute accountability for my works. The first-rate projects I have been making throughout my career have earned my reputation as one

of the top builders in the region.” He adds, “Open Water Pools is not just a business, it’s a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and consistent hard work. I do not reproduce former projects as I strongly believe that every design plan should reflect its owner’s uniqueness.” When a company just like Open Water Pools focuses on quality instead of quantity, anyone can be confident that the job will be done competently.

Open Water Pools can turn anyone’s fantasy pools or spas into a reality. Whatever radical design a person has, this great company will accommodate any plan and will even suggest improvements parallel to the client’s desires. They are not restricted to only creating four-cornered pools, but they can also build various types such as enchanting free form pools, hillside pools accented with lighting and fire accents, zero entry pools, elevated pools, baby pools, and much more.

Open Water Pools offers many services. Additional water features for dramatic flair are offered. Pools can also be integrated with a waterfall, sheer descent, multiple tiers, pool window, or rock grotto. Renovations, restorations, as well as remodeling of existing pools are also part of their services offered.

Whether a person wants relief from the oppressing heat or just really wants to enjoy a quiet time in their own pool, Open Water Pools can make it happen. For inquiries concerning Open Water Pools’ services, contact them by phone at 512-801-9712 or through their website at Send them an email at